TETRA-TALK is a a secured digital trunked mobile radio service offered by SimbaNET (Tanzania) Ltd that allows user groups to have radio communication over multiple shared base stations. The TETRA standard, stands for Terrestrial Trunked Radio and is a standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

As a customer, you would buy or rent hand-held units or mobile units. You would then be allocated a secured encrypted channel over which all your units can communicate with push-to-talk feature. SimbaNET maintains and services the various base stations and is allocated the necessary frequencies from the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) so that you have headache free seamless and secure communication within your company or organization.

With the TETRA-TALK system, you do not need to worry about CAPEX for infrastructure or hassle of getting limited frequencies. You simply sign-up for a channel or multiple channels, register your radios on our system and start using the service immediately. Your OPEX is based on channels reserved and mobile units on the system. No other charges are applicable and communication is un-limited, making the TETRA-TALK system a cost-effective and convenient solution for companies and organizations needing serious and instant communication.


  • Convenient – No need for base stations and frequencies, we do all that. You just talk.
  • Secure – Each channel is secure and digitally encrypted for privacy. If you lose a radio, we disable it immediately. No one can tune into your channel.
  • Clear Communication – Because the service is digital radio, you get greater clarity as well as digital screening, so no crackles, hissing or background noise
  • Push to Talk (PTT) – Unlike cellular, you just push to talk and address a group simultaneously.
  • Interoperability – Because the Tetra-Talk system is based on communication „channels‟ users can have multiple channels and switch between them. Therefore a user can have a general channel for all, then smaller group channels. Likewise, different agencies can choose to share a channel for certain emergency services, such as police, fire or ambulance and deliver a true joined-up emergency response.
  • Coverage – Currently this service has fully covered Dar es Salaam. However, as the base stations can be linked over Internet protocol (IP), coverage will soon be available as an inter-city service
  • Open Standards – As TETRA is an international standard, users may choose to buy their own equipment or use those supplied by SimbaNET