WiMAX Wireless Broadband

SimbaNET offers your business the latest and most up to date solution to wireless connectivity which is at the cutting edge of Internet technology; and without stretching your IT budget we have come up with practical solutions which offers tomorrow's possibilities with today's solution. The Wireless WiMAX solution operates on licensed frequencies and can be configured to be used for either private data provisioning or plain internet service.

WiMAX has been developed globally as a standard of choice for corporate connectivity offering excellent last-mile solution and features. WiMAX can be considered to be „wireless-DSL'; giving you the speed and reliability while freeing you from dependence of a wired network. SimbaNET maintains several WiMAX base stations around Dar es Salaam and select cities around Tanzania, so coverage and reliability are guaranteed where-ever you may be.

SimbaNET uses licensed frequencies in the 3.3GHz and 3.5GHz band, and maintains several WiMAX base stations around Dar es Salaam. With this, SimbaNET is able to deliver bandwidth for narrow- band applications (such as ATMs, Pay-Points, etc) to Ethernet (10mbps) capacity.


  • Licensed Frequencies - The SimbaNET WiMAX Broadband platform operates on TCRA licensed frequencies, thus eliminating the possibility of interference and service degradation
  • Fast Speeds & Low Latency - WiMAX supports high throughput to each customer and low latency to the core network and Internet backbone allowing your applications to operate at optimum levels.
  • Multiple functions on a single platform - With the extremely high data capacity of WiMAX technology, your business can run multiple applications, VOIP, Video and Data without any noticeable service degradation.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) - Every customer can expect the highest QoS guaranteed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) detailing SLA levels as well as Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
  • 24x7 support - Help desk manned by experienced engineers around the clock
  • 24x7 network monitoring and fault detection
  • Commitment to quality - That only SimbaNET can deliver
  • Ease of Connection - The customer premise equipment

Key Features & Benefits

  • Unlimited Access to the internet - As a customer you are allowed to enjoy the service you have paid for without limitation of a data cap.
  • No hidden Costs - Complete transparency, you get what you pay for.
  • Always On - The technology is available 24x7, 365 days a year at a fixed subscription rate thus allowing better cost control for budgeting purposes.
  • Easily Upgradeable - Users can upgrade their service and get additional capacity without having to invest in additional equipment.
  • Dar-es-Salaam coverage - SimbaNET's WiMax network is available throughout Dar-es-Salaam and select cities around Tanzania.
  • Large Coverage - Cell Radius of up to 17km
  • Symmetric/Asymmetric - Committed Information Rate (CIR/Dedicated) & Maximum Information Rate (MIR/Shared) per subscriber available
  • Fully Transparent Usage Statistics - users can check their bandwidth utilization online
  • Managed Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Warranty on equipment - All equipment is supplied with a 12 month warranty